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Hassan Fathy site speaks your language

To promote Hassan Fathy's message, telling people about his achievments
- that what I'm trying to do - is the mainn factor.

Most of materials about Hassan Fathy are written either in english or french while people who need these informations can not speak it !!!

Even in Egypt - his country - most of egyptian architects have heared about him but because of language problem they have no enough information.

This website was made first in "Arabic", later English and French were added.
The idea is simple, grouping links to materials on the net - written about Hassan Fathy, or similiar architects, projects, articles.....etc who consider using natural materials in construction - in one place.
So anyone inetresting about this subject does not need to pay a lot of time and effort in searching the net and can easily find what he want in his own language.

Many materials are written in Arbic and of course in other "LOCAL" languages such as indian , african, asian ....etc.

If you believe in Hassan Fathy Achievments and speak a "LOCAL" languge so you are able to make the site speak your own language.

You do NOT need to have any "computer programming" experience.......
what you need is to be
1- patient
2- good researcher on the net - using www.google.ca or www.alltheweb.com- in your own language about materials
that is the main task and then it is very easy to make the local language pages according to standard site design.

Only LOCAL VOLUNTEER can make the site speak LOCAL LANGUGE.

if YES donot hesitate to contct me

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